allowed passersby to connect with the beauty of his art as he worked quickly to catch the light. He owned a NYC art gallery and was the official artist for the White House and U.S. Open tennis and golf championships for several years. Kubik's pastel of Carnegie Hall, presented by Isaac Stern,  was the first American poster in China. His fine art is included in the private collections of Presidents, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Governors and Mayors.

Kamil Kubik was born in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia to artistic parents. An impressionist-style painter, who defected from Czechoslovakia in 1948, he was known internationally for his street scenes, cityscapes and flowers. His rare ability to illuminate commonplace subjects brings them memorably alive. His cityscapes include Central Park, Prague, Wall Street, and the White House. Kamil Kubik's joy of painting outdoors in nature

"Art is the daughter of freedom"

- Friedrich Schiller

Mission statement 

The Kamil Kubik Foundation aims to enhance Kamil Kubik's vision and generous spirit through the promotion of his works of art, annual grants to talented artists in need of development, and the support of art educational programs for children.